Love Food
Hate Waste

With 800 million people suffering from hunger and $1.6 billion worth of food wasted worldwide, the need of the hour is educating more and more people about it

Food Loss Saga is a non-profit organization with teams in different parts of the world who aim to raise awareness of the Global Problem of Food Loss. Our vision for next 5 years is to commit 1% of world population (i.e. 70million people) that they will not waste food at personal level. .

We have designed a standard presentation that we showcase in different platforms such as seminars, school & universities, corporates and even family gatherings. On behalf of Food Loss Saga, I request your support and provide us a platform where we could reach out to maximum individuals and make a difference in the world. There’s a famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi — 'There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.

Quick Stats


Trillion Number of people that
joined the last edition


of losses happen at retail and consumer levels.


Billion of carbon dioxide is generated due to food wastage, which accelerates global climate change


Million hungry people in the world could be fed if just one-fourth of the food currently lost or wasted globally could be saved

Food Wastage and Ways to Stop it

1Shop smart and realistically
* Don't buy too much food.
* Plan out your meals and make a detailed shopping list with the ingredients you'll need. Make sure you stick to the list.
* If you live far away from the store or do not like shopping, be thoughtful of your purchase and do not buy extra food/ingredients.
2Be careful of the portion sizes
* The idea of massive portions is partly driven by restaurant culture, but it has started to trickle into our homes, fight against that
* Don't over-serve friends and family when they come home
* Using small plates can help with that
3Save & Eat Leftovers
* Make sure you save unconsumed food when you either cook too much or you get too much food at a restaurant.
* Label your leftovers so you can keep track of how long they've been in your fridge or freezer, and incorporate them into your daily or weekly routine
4Order – Eat –Take Away
* Plan your order in advance.
* DO NOT order too much. You can always re-order.
* Fill your plates in small portions.
* Take away the leftovers.
* Some restaurants accept back untouched items. Inquire!
* In case of buffets, do not fill everything. Ask around, take feedback and then fill your plate.

Start Early
Teach kids how to avoid food wastage

Plan meals which you can cook together

Discuss the cost of different foods at the grocery store

Explain what happens to the food when we throw it away

Involve children in food preparation and cooking. They will be more likely to consume what they have prepared

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